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Tournaments and Matchplay

Tournament Schedules:

Each Academy student is provided with a customized tournament schedule each semester. Tournament experience is paramount to the progressive development of players,  and tournament travel is one of the hallmarks of the Santa Ana training program. Our coaches are at tournaments to watch and help guide Academy players.   Tournament travel with the team is beneficial in many ways, including fostering player independence, team camaraderie and time spent with the coaching staff. We are committed to having our coaches at tournaments to mentor our players and parents through the competitive process. It is vital that our coaches see the players in tournament competition as well.

In addition to the tournaments hosted in Costa Rica we will have international tournament trips planned to various Central American countries. Our players will also visit various Cliff Drysdale Tennis Locations in the United States for tournaments and training camps prior to tournaments. This exposes our players to a variety of players and styles of games on an international stage. We believe that in addition to developing a more well-rounded player, it also helps develop a more well round person and tennis culture. 

UTR Matchplay Days:

In addition to our tournaments schedule we provide a UTR matchplay days twice a month for players to continue to play in a competitive culture while working on the implementation and  execution of the players game from what they are practicing in their drill sessions

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