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The John Newcombe Tennis Ranch Partnership Experience

Australian John Newcombe is undoubtedly one of the finest tennis players ever to set foot on a tennis court. His 26 Grand Slam Titles, including three Wimbledon, two U.S. Open and two Australian Singles titles lay testament to this claim. John was also a shining star in Australian Davis Cup play during its heyday. His

most recent tennis accomplishment was leading Australia to the title in 1999 as Davis Cup Captain.


John Newcombe created his USA John Newcombe Tennis Ranch and Academy in 1968, located just north of San Antonio, Texas. Since its inception it has grown to become one of the most prestigious tennis training facilities in the world. Offering summer and year round academies for high performance juniors, the program currently boasts 100% college placement for its students.

The Tennis Academy offers 27 hard courts, 4 hydro clay courts, a recreation room with computer access,

pool/spa, state-of-the-art weights and fitness center, and full-time expert trainers. The Academy utilizes

sport psychology to work on the mental aspects of the game as well as video analysis for the technical

aspects of the game.

One of the strongest areas of Newcombe’s Tennis Academies are their vigorous and intense fitness

program. Phil Hendrie, the Director, is one of the top fitness experts in the United States. He conducts

a variety of footwork, speed and endurance training, as well as a weekly weight training program.


Cliff Drysdale Tennis and John Newcombe have a partnership that provides opportunities for Santa Ana Country Club students to train at Newcombe’s US Academy to further strengthen the physical and mental foundation of their tennis training and visibility for college placement in top university programs.


Partnership Program Features

• Daily Matchplay

• Individual Instruction and Tailored Coaching

• Strength Training with certified personal trainers

• Mental Strength Coaching

Technical Video Analysis

• Match Film Analysis

• 15 Successful Years of 100% College Placement for Seniors

• Family Atmosphere for Player Development on and off the Court

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