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Our Training Facilities

Our Tennis Academy is a part of the stunning Santa Ana Country Club, Costa Rica's premier state of the art health and wellness facility. Academy students have use of some of the exclusive,  private club amenities including the gym, outdoor and covered red clay tennis courts and more!

In total, we have 9 meticulously maintained courts, 7 of which are European red clay, while 2 are championship hard courts. These two surfaces allows our elite players the best preparation possible for upcoming tournaments on multiple surfaces. 

Our group training predominantly takes place on our red clay courts. This surface has been proven to be the most successful and dynamic to develop a complete, all around style of play that incorporates proper fitness, creativity and a mix of aggression and defense. 

We also utilize the hard courts to ensure our players are prepared for the fast paced, aggressive game that most North American players are accustomed to. A majority of all junior and professional tournaments are played on hard courts, and our players have the unique advantage of being comfortable on both hard and clay courts. 

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Key Benefits of Training on Red Clay

  1. Improved endurance and concentration

  2. Increased patience in the tennis player

  3. Can help improve a variety of shots such as spins and angles

  4. Enhances decision-making skills

  5. Less stress on the body thanks to the soft surface



Our wellness trainers prepare players for the physical demands of tennis, injury prevention, and teach basic movements and exercises to complement on-court training.

Our Academy's  fitness regimen yields impressive results, and is a key component of our comprehensive tennis program.

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